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There are two types of exterior wheelchair stair lifts are available on the market

 There are two types of exterior wheelchair stair lifts are available on the plastic crate mould market, you can select from to help you bridge exterior stairs. The both types of exterior wheelchair lifts will help you to getting up and down from the stairs without any trouble and problem. Here are two types of exterior wheelchair stair lifts. Exterior vertical platform stair liftsThe both of the exterior chair lifts have advantages and disadvantages as well. Exterior chair lifts or Exterior wheelchair stair liftsThe exterior chair stair lift has a metal bar which is installed on the top of the platform of the outdoor staircase.

This lift has a chair or seat which is connected to the metal bar, there are two kinds of exterior wheel chair lifts one is battery operated and second is electric. The seat which is linked with the metal bar moves up and down the staircase using a rack. A handicapped who wants to be transferred from one floor to another simply calls the stair chair lifts with a remote control if required. The main advantage of exterior chair lift is that it has a comparatively low cost. All the parts and components of this lift must be made weather proof and dust proof.

Exterior vertical platform stair liftThis exterior vertical platform lift is much more expensive than an Exterior chair lift. This stair lift has a vertical metal platform or surface that functions as a vertical elevator between the base of the staircase level and top of the staircase level. This stair chair lift has an ability transporting not only you but also your wheelchair up and down from the staircase. This is a biggest advantage of the exterior vertical stair lift. Exterior chair lift does not have this capability. This stair lift higher cost that an exterior wheelchair lift and it also has more needs as far as the geometry of our staircase are concern. You should have a efficient space on the sides of the staircase.            

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